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          Born in the swamplands of Brinkley, Arkansas, my interest for art began at a very young age. My art interest really peaked as I began watching a TV show called "Pappyland" at 6 a.m. It was a program that taught us young ones how to draw using basic shapes and having fun while doing it. This allowed me to practice and try to perfect my craft. I then discovered Bob Ross's program which helped me develop techniques in painting. As I graduated high school, I was recommended by my art instructor to Memphis College of Art. ​

          Having learned so much to perfect my craft from the school, I am now a Memphis College of Art Graduate with a major in painting and a sculpting minor. I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art and it all started from a Tv show.  Since then, I have won numerous awards, assisting with one of Memphis’s gifted artist @alivepaint with murals at Bruce Elementary School, Memphis International Airport, and so much more.   

I have now learned to absorb the art that I was taught, breaking boundaries within my mind to expand my knowledge in the field. Being a person of color there boundaries I had growing up, but I didn’t care. I had purpose and ambitions. Life wasn’t always an easy task, having to escape social battles through art and the means to create no matter how hard life got. Just as my life changed to beat obstacles, my art changed.

           Nowadays, I focus on my own forms of characterization. That means I’m creating characters based on my psyche that will tell my life story in an abstract manner. In creating the many worlds and its habitats, I like to look to the original conflict of the stories from my life experiences. I have developed a technique to create nuance in these places that exist in my head, based on my hometown of Brinkley, Arkansas. This all illustrates past experiences that resulted in this body of work. With portraiture, abstraction and realism these personalities and portrayal of those from the past emerge gradually through the different styles of painting.

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DaMarco Randle

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